about us

Art2act is a child of its time, born amidst populism, the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and increasing social polarisation. It is in this perfect storm that we set out to help change the world. We intend to do so with the most effective tool available to humanity: Culture.

But, unfortunately, we tend to forget the impact it has, how durable it is and how well it roots the values we stand for, and, as a result, we give less and less support for its development.We are here to change this.

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Art2act comes to life with a clear mission, to create a sustainable ecosystem that gives artists real solutions for reaching financial sustainability, while connecting the art sector and promoting community-based cultural development.

We envision a decentralized cultural sector, independent and tailored by our community. We are deeply conviced that a sector that includes more its stakeholders, whether art collectors, supporters or creators, will create a new and fairer paradigm for the sector, with more opportunities for all.

contexturalized twitter art

Our values are clear, we are passionate for what we do and for helping others. We use empathy and empowerment to create the best possible tools for the sector to thrive, promoting collaboration between all.We firmly believe that diversity, equity and inclusion are key for developing sustainable innovation that creates a positive impact for all.

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visual art

what’s coming
for Art2act

Non-fungible Protocol

A web3 infrastructure layer that facilitates the creation of NFT-based projects, giving ownership to its creators

  • - Minimal technical know-how required
  • - Wide range of configurations to adapt to your project needs
  • - Possibility for built-in whitelisting, minting caps, rarity data, scheduled reveal


Showcase and sell your work and/or collections, physical and digital

  • - Sell 1/1s, Limited editions or projects
  • - Connect between each other
  • - The first physical art marketplace accepting crypto-payments


A place for the art sector to connect and exchange value

  • - Opportunities: jobs, workshops, commissioned work, grand open calls, events.
  • - Connect between each other.
  • - News, forum and governance.
  • - Artists Launchpad: A place to help launch new artists and projects